Support with all Eating Disorders

How I can help

My specialism is in Eating Disorders and I am trained by the National Centre for Eating Disorders to Master Practitioner Diploma level.

Eating Disorders are recognised by excessive concerns about shape and weight leading to habitual and debilitating weight control behaviours; beliefs about appearance and weight can be negative or distorted and sufferers tend to experience negative emotions about themselves as a result. 'Do I have an Eating Disorder?' is often asked by individuals seeking help and it is my job to explore those situations alongside you to distinguish between normal and abnormal in order to give meaning to what you may experience and help you find a route to appropriate treatment.

During my time with you we would be exploring the biological, psychological, genetic, or sociocultural factors of your disorder, the triggers and what keeps you stuck in order that we can eventually reach a point of improved physical and mental health through small, achievable changes.

With your engagement, I can assist you in overcoming your 'disordered eating', whatever the issue may be.
My training has covered 'Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders' (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Night Eating Disorder, Orthorexia - to name a few); Weight Management for Obesity and Nutritional Interventions.

The first step to seeking support for an eating disorder is to accept there is a problem (however challenging that may be) and to have the determination to recover. Sometimes, this can prove almost impossible to do alone and I am here to support you every step of the way.